Aircon Energy Saving Mode

Is Aircon Energy Saving Mode or Power Saving Mode Useful?

In a hot country like Singapore, the air-conditioning system has become such a fundamental machine for each household in Singapore. Other than providing cooling and comfortable indoor space, it can help individuals in improving their productivity during working, schooling and even while resting at home. To that end, it is presently not an astounding sight

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aircon light blinking

Why My Aircon Light Blinking

Do you encounter at a cooling and comfortable night in your room, but suddenly the aircon stop working and aircon light blinking continuously? Don’t worry as this happen occasionally. At the point when your air-conditioner having some issues, it will signal a warning to users that the units are not working normally. One of the

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smelly aircon Singapore

Why Your Aircon Smell So Bad?

A smelly aircon is the consequence when various inward and outer elements of the unit influencing the machine. It could be difficult to know the source of the smell that come from the unit immediately, however, there are few common causes of the issue that you can pay special attention to when identifying the cause

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enzyme cleaning aircon

What is Aircon Enzyme Cleaning?

The Difference between Enzyme Cleaning vs. Chemical Washing In the event that your aircon is exceptionally dirty due to the lack of servicing, then you should clean it so it will serve you for a more extended period. There are many different cleaning services that you can opt in to keep your units clean. Some

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cool mode ac

What Mode Should I Use For My Aircon?

Nearly anybody can switch on and make an air-conditioning work. Simply with a light touch on your AC controller or a few touches on your control panel, anybody can turn on the unit and enjoy the cooling at whatever point required. However, with the various modes in the air-conditioning system and functions, do you know

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vents Singapore

Aircon Vent in Singapore and How Does It Work?

A reliable air-conditioning unit is vital for any home or office. Regardless of whether you live in a tall structure condo, a HDB flat, a landed property, or a lodging loft, having a working cooling air-conditioner unit can have a significant effect on your wellbeing, comfort as well as working performance. With the rise of

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Aircon Service Near Me

Why is My Air Conditioner Noisy?

Having a noisy aircon unit is a typical issue that influences numerous home owners due to the disturbance it causes during operation. The explanation might be because of a particular inner issue or it tends to be a combination of broken parts inside the system. Yet, whatever the cause of the problem is, home owners

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Wall-mounted air conditioner in Livingroom

Types of Air-Conditioners in Singapore

Living in Singapore can be very frustrating at times, because of the occasional burning climate. Yet, with the help of air-conditioner system, we can relax and work with cool temperatures in our homes or workplaces, regardless of the scorching weather outside. The invention of air-conditioners happened in the early long stretches of the nineteenth century.

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