Providing maintenance contract for your air-conditioning


Are you looking for regular maintenance for your air-conditioning units? We offer affordable aircon maintenance contract in Singapore for office, home and other premises. Our services ensure your air-conditioning units are taken care and serviced by our dedicated team of technicians. You will not have to worry about your air-conditioner and leave it to us.

The air-conditioner is similar to any other machinery where regular maintenance is necessary to ensure it is working properly. Neglecting the importance of maintaining your unit will result in decline in performance, as well as the energy efficiency. It is thus recommended that you maintain and check the system regularly. This is where aircon maintenance package from us is able to perform cleaning and maintenance work for your aircon units.

Advantages of our aircon maintenance SG package

  • Ensure cleaner air supply
  • Reduce the risk of air-conditioner breakdown
  • Savings benefit
  • Extend system lifespan
  • Prompt response
  • Increase system efficiency
Aircon Servicing

We are able to provide a various types of maintenance package such as quarterly aircon maintenance contract for all offices, residential and industrial premises, including:

  • HDB, Condominium, Landed property
  • Office
  • Childcares centre
  • Factory
  • Warehouse

With comprehensive knowledge and training, our experienced technicians are able to maintain your air-conditioning units and spot any potential problems and resolve it during routine checks and service maintenance. Contact us for any enquiries on your air-conditioning maintenance package for your home or office.