Providing repair services for your air-conditioning


Are you facing aircon problems that requires aircon repair services? Our services include evaluating the condition of the air-conditioner and investigate the fault and provide repair service to fix your air-conditioning system.

The air-conditioner, especially older ones tends to experience a minor breakdown or problems that require immediate repair. Our team of well-trained technicians have years of experience in providing repair services in Singapore.

Aircon Leaking Water Repair & troubleshooting service

We are able to fix your issues including:

  • Water leakage
  • Aircon not cold or blowing hot air
  • Aircon light blinking or unable to turn on
  • Aircon not working
  • Smelly aircon

With comprehensive knowledge and training, our technicians are able to solve your issues. Whether you are facing noisy aircon or aircon leaking problem, we are here to resolve it for you.

Our process


1. Diagnosis

Our repair technicians are able to provide full check-up and inspection of your air-conditioning units and evaluate the condition. We would then suggest fix on problems such as water leaking, smelly aircon, hot air, aircon not working, and more.

2. Troubleshoot and Fix

Through the inspection of the air-conditioning units, our technicians are able to provide you with the appropriate actions to fix the air-conditioning problems you are facing. In certain cases, it would involve repairing or replacing affected components to effectively fix your units.


3. Cleaning Up

During the process, our technicians would carry out repair works on your air-conditioner system and we would ensure the unit is fixed. Our team would ensure cleaning-up the area and ensure the job is carried out effectively so that you could enjoy the comfort cooling environment immediately.

Why you should trust us in repairing your air-conditioning?

1. Dedicated team of technicians

Our technicians are well-trained and have many years of experience performing repair service in the air-conditioning industry. We always provide clients with highly professional service standard in the industry. Our skilled technicians are equipped with decade-worth skill sets that are passed on to new hires to maintain quality service.

2. Safety standards

Our well-trained technicians are equipped with safety knowledge and training when carrying out repair works. They are trained in performing repair works at various premises as well as maintenance. This greatly reduces the risk and able to regain and fix your unit with care.

3. Customer relationship

We believe focusing on good customer satisfaction is utmost important through understanding and communicating with our clients. We always listen to their concerns and suggestions and continuing providing quality service that meet their needs. With this, we have become many clients’ trusted and reliable company for their air-conditioning needs.