Providing top up aircon gas in Singapore

Well-maintained and most advanced air-conditioning system would also fail, if the coolant system is not up to the required level. This is where you require aircon gas top up service to ensure the units are running at optimal level.

If you feel that your air-conditioning is experiencing problems such as aircon not cold and blowing hot air, these could be due to insufficient gas problem. However, many ignore these signs and continue using their air-conditioner, where resulting in units unable to operate properly.

We have the full solution for repair and service for most air-conditioner problems. We would ensure sufficient checks are conducted on the air-conditioning system and refill aircon gas to regain the working condition.

Our process

1. Checking refrigerant level

Our technicians are equipped with the tools and equipment to conduct aircon gas top-up. Our technicians would check the refrigerant level inside the air-conditioner system before refilling the gas. This process would ensure sufficient gas are being top up into the air-conditioner system.

2. Topping up gas aircon

With the range of different types of air-conditioner, the right type of air-conditioning gas top up is mandatory to ensure proper operation of the cooling system. With the refrigerant tank, your air-conditioning units would be top-up with the amount of gas required for the air-conditioner system. The gas level would regain back to the optimal level and regain the cooling performance.

3. Rechecking Refrigerant Level

Our technicians would perform and test the refrigerant system to ensure it is operating normally and the air-conditioner unit have sufficient aircon refrigerant. If not, additional refrigerant gas top-up aircon would be carried out to reach the normal gas level.

4. Repair & Safety Checks

To ensure the air-conditioner is working well in both performance and safety aspect, safety checks around the air-conditioner system would be conducted. Other potential faulty parts would also be inspected and repaired if necessary to ensure the units are able to operate at a great cooling level.

5. Inspection

In addition, the air-conditioner system refrigerant system would be inspected to ensure the air-conditioning is working at optimal level. The air-conditioner should be able to regain and continue providing cooling comfort.

Why you should trust us for topping aircon refrigerant?

1. Experienced team

We have a team of experienced technicians with years of experience in repairing air-conditioning service, including topping refrigerant gas. We have performed services for all residential, commercial and industrial premises and always providing satisfactory service. Many clients believe that staying in the air-conditioning industry for a period would imply better service. This could be true, however, we believe with proper training and dedication, our highly skilled technicians are able to perform quality services to clients.

2. Customer service

We always strive to provide high satisfaction and quality service to our clients. This stays the same for any other business where customer satisfaction is important. We believe the same and we always stay connected and listen to our clients on what works well for them. This gives us room to improve and innovate on our service. We understand the struggle faced by clients and always provide service that solve the problem effectively.

3. Industry standards

We always keep ourselves updated on the latest industry standards in the air-conditioning industry. This includes the safety standards as well as latest air-conditioning trends. This allows us to stay updated and constantly provide the best service in top up aircon gas for our clients, regardless which brand or type of air-conditioning you are using.